Everyone loves a good comic book superhero. But in real life, superheroes aren't defined by their masks and capes, but by their awe-inspiring acts of courage that save lives.  In my case, I was on the verge of being homeless and going back into prison when my probation officer, Miss Hickman, found Uncle Dave’s Housing. She said get on the bus and head Uncle Dave's, so I did. It's so striking when strangers do something unexpected. Even the smallest actions can have an impact. By that simple act I moved here in April 2015. It changed my life. I am still a guest at one of his homes. Thank you so much Uncle Dave.

    David U.

     Uncle Dave’s Housing kept me from the streets. If it weren’t for the generosity of Uncle Dave’s, I don’t know where I would be right now. I appreciate the warmth, kindness and clean living conditions that Uncle Dave’s has afforded me. Thank you!

     Stan C.

     Since I have been here at Uncle Dave’s I have learned so much, dealing with so many different people. I have learned to relax. It has been a great experience. After being here a while, I was asked to be an assistant manager. I am respected and trusted. I appreciate the opportunity to be at Uncle Dave’s.

     Jimmy L.

     I have found my stay at Uncle Dave’s to be very worthwhile. My house is clean, well managed and close to rapid transit and shopping. Moving in was easy. I didn’t have to come up with a security deposit or last month’s rent, making it much easier financially. I really appreciate Uncle Dave’s.

     Pete J.

     Uncle Dave’s Housing has helped me rebuild my life and return to school. Instead of being on the street, I am in a safe, clean home with caring people. I consider myself to be very lucky to have found Uncle Dave’s.

     Joe R.

     I came out of prison in 2015. My parole officer wanted me to move into Uncle Dave’s, but I told her “no.” I went to live on the streets    of Long Beach for three months. My parole officer kept begging me to try them, saying they will help me. The parole officer even offered to pay my rent for three months. My parole officer saw potential in me that I did not see in myself, so I took her offer to move into Uncle Dave’s. When I moved into 61st street, I was approach with open arms by management. They gave me tough love and showed me how to become independent. I am still a man that needs work, but the management team has been patient with me during my growth in life. Thank you David Wohlman for giving me a second chance, making me a better man for my family, and showing me how to choose my friends wisely.

     Christopher W.